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Exotic Car rentals have never been so easy. Rent a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or even your favorite Rolls Royce Model today. With the advent of this model by Lamborghini manufactures, people began to talk about a new era in the automotive industry. The combination of sports car and SUV makes this auto is versatile in use. Our company is specialized on rent luxury cars in , and can offer you to hire a Lamborghini Urus Black to experience the unforgettable emotions of driving such a vehicle. Model Features Undoubtedly, this car embodied the best of the Lamborghini brand, adding the character and modern filling to the model: The engine in combination with an 8-speed gearbox helps to accelerate up to 300 km / h (186 mph / h). The model is positioned as a sports car, but nonetheless, the dimensions are impressive: 5 m length, 2 m width. The auto is equipped with a large trunk of 616 liters. And if you fold the rear seats, it will double, which is certainly practical. Modern design presents streamlined shapes and sleek lines. Body parts are recognizable: powerful turbines, a front hood with a radiator grill, hexagonal elements. Large massive wheels and low-rider nod us in the direction of sports cars. Adaptive Network Intelligent Management (ANIMa) system switches the modes if necessary to achieve the best dynamics. The complete balance of all systems and vehicle mass makes it stable during any maneuvers. This model is universal: you can use it every day in urban areas or for travel and off-road trips. Interior Sitting in this car, you can be sure that everything is thought out to the smallest detail and equipped with the latest technology. The company remains true to its traditions and the interior is made really luxurious and elegant. The use of genuine and artificial leather in various colors and shades, wood, carbon fiber, jewelry in the form of branded Y-shaped patterns and contrasting lines makes the interior of the car comfortable and stylish. The supercar is equipped with a large set of functions responsible for the comfort and safety of passengers and the driver. The dashboard, that looks like the aircraft control panel, consists of three LCD screens and is convenient to use. Both the appearance and the interior, as well as the dynamic characteristics make this model outstanding. Let us introduce the supercar produced by the globally-known auto manufacturer Lamborghini. Aventador series is considered to be iconic and stand out among the others. Our company is the leader of luxury car rental market. To get the most exciting driving experience, choose Lamborghini Aventador Matte rental in . Experience the impressive performance and all the advantages of this supercar. Interior The salon is the embodiment of chick and opulence. At the same time, the lines and the finishes are neat and austere. This combination is exactly what makes Aventador models so special. The two-seater is equipped with modern technologies for advanced comfort and safety of the driver and the passenger. Every feature of the interior is characterised by exceptionally high quality: upholstery and finishing materials, the dashboard, LED lighting etc. Signature features All the autos belonging to this series are recognizable due to their original exclusive design. The automaker strove to deliver technology-packed autos with a vivid and dynamic appearance. Features: The V12 engine enables speeding up to 350 km/h (217 m/h). A special guidance system controls the moving car by reading out the data from the detectors on the car body. It ensures immediate reaction in any conditions without losing the general balance. Adjustable driving modes can regulate drafting and steering parameters. You may choose to set up the vehicle for city driving or select the sportive regime for racing tracks. The exterior of this model is amazing: ideal proportion, well-rounded surfaces and aggressively-looking details. Unusual and exclusive Matte color points out the automobile’s individuality and draws attention on the road. The tyres have been especially developed for this model. They provide perfect road-adherence, effective operation and braking. The on-board computer with the LCD screen monitors the vehicle’s systems and the driver’s actions. It allows custom adjustment of interior lighting, climate-control and other salon features. Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV Roadster is one of the coolest mid-engined premium class supercars that combines a spectacular appearance, a luxurious interior, and a high-tech filling. This sport car recently debuted at the international motor show. After the successful debut, the company decided to release a limited edition of the eponymous roadster with a removable top, which is likely to be sold out in a short time. Nevertheless, you can easily rent a Lamborghini in . Brand history Brand «Lamborghini» is known all over the world by its sports cars. The company was founded in 1963 on the base of tractor plant «Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A» and named after the owner Ferruccio Lamborghini. At that time, there was the first model Lamborghini 350 GT introduced. This car was equipped with a 12-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters and 347 horsepower. The maximum speed of this car monster reached 280 km/h. In 1965 «Lamborghini» launched a legendary Miura. A little later, only the Ferrari vehicle could surpass it. Miura was distinguished by a powerful engine, non-standard design, and great motion on the road. And, of course, due to its price, almost immediately the car got into the category of luxury ones. Production expansion At the end of the 70s at the peak of the oil crisis, there was a decision to extend the production and start launching off-road vehicles. The first car of this type was named Cheetah and planned to be sold to the US military. However, despite the good test results, the Pentagon has declined the order. Here is a course of the most notable events from the brand history to take into consideration: In 1979 «Lamborghini» launched a fantastic for those times project Countach LP400S, producing an output of 455 “horses” and, for the first time in the history of this brand, the vehicle was equipped with a 4-valve engine. In 1982 there was one more attempt to make an off-road vehicle, but the buyers were shocked with its huge size and very high price. In 1987 «Lamborghini» was taken over by the company «Chrysler». At the same time, the production of budget Jalpa, which was mass-produced in 1981, was stopped. It was an attempt to create a car for the middle class, with a minimum of exterior and interior luxury, but with a maximum of opportunities for a car in this price category. The car has been on sale for 6 years and was eventually found to be an unprofitable idea. The speediest model ever In 1989 the legendary Lamborghini Diablo project was made – the fastest car in the world at that time. It could accelerate 320 km/h, had a luxurious design and appropriate price. Of all its modifications, the most popular was the Diablo Roadster SV. In 1994 and 1998 «Lamborghini» had two more changes of ownership and only in 2001, was able to introduce a new model. It was the descendant of Diablo – Murcielago with the author’s design by Luke Kondervolk. Its top speed exceeded 330 km/h, which was provided by a 580 hp V12 power unit and an impressive volume of 6.2 liters. Success in the 2000s In 2007 the project of the most expensive and powerful civil vehicle Lamborghini Reventon was made. The car was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show and immediately won the hearts and wallets of many rich people on the planet. And on March 1, 2011, at the Geneva Motor Show debuted the Lamborghini Aventador brand, which replaced the legendary Murcielago. Among serial cars, its characteristics have become an unattainable standard. This includes acceleration up to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, and 700 hp, produced by a powerful twelve-cylinder engine with a capacity of 6.5 liters, and unique design. At last in 2012 Lamborghini together with the Boeing company created Aventador Dreamliner Edition. This car is truly called “mad bull” because under its hood there is a 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder engine with a capacity of 700 horsepower. In just 2.9 seconds, it can accelerate 100 km/h of the 350 km/h possible. The car is painted with white and blue colors, like a Boeing plane. The same year, the company launched the most powerful model in the history of the world car industry – the Lamborghini Murcielago Stig. It took about four years to develop it, but the result was worth it. The power of this hypercar was 2000 horsepower. Technical Issues Being a part of the famous line-up, Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster 2019 is distinguished by its 6.5L V12 engine (up to 740 hp) and a weight of 1575 kg. Thanks to these characteristics, an exceptional power-to-weight ratio is achieved. This unique steel beast has maintained the impressive acceleration, breathtaking speed, and excellent handling that characterize the coupe. To make the movement on the roadster even more unforgettable, the new version with an electric rear window drive is equipped. Driving in a sporty style with the rear window lowered allows you to fill the interior with an energetic vibrating sound of the engine. The V12 engine with a volumetric capacity of 6.5 liters obtains 740 hp. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 2.5 seconds and the maximum speed is over 350 km/h. The Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster is considered a fabulous and luxury car. This auto was first presented in 2012. Since then, it has undergone a number of modifications that resulted in a new glorious model. The vehicle is a real wonder, its well-rounded body shape mesmerizes and draws everybody’s attention while on the road. This car is the embodiment of luxury, prosperity and its owner’s high status. It is no surprise that few people can afford such an expensive vehicle because of the high price. Still, there is a chance to become the driver of this outstanding supercar – you can rent BMW I8 Roadster 2019 in , St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rome or other cities. Now you can spend your weekend unforgettable without having to spend a lot of money to buy the 2019 BMW I8 Roadster. Order an automobile here and choose any time: from 24 hours to a year. Have a zingy day with a personal chauffeur or photographer. Enjoy the luxury life and choose any vehicle from our garage. Here we have put together an excellent collection of the trendiest supercars that look like an iron horse from the future. We provide full-fledged technical support, so that you are satisfied with our service and the impeccable performance of each model. An expensive car emphasizes your special status, so you would like to be behind the wheel of our steel monsters. This is your moment – catch it! The history of BMW I8 Roadster This first auto was shown to the audience at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013. This car was a true masterpiece of automotive art thanks to its technical characteristics and futuristic style. This two-door coupe immediately found several buyers who wanted to get this miracle in their collection. A little later, BMW Corporation presented new interpretations, but this first item was very popular with the public. This steel beast can also be seen in some famous films such as Mission Impossible. Interior The salon looks amazing due to the use of high-quality finishing materials. The electric-driven seats are upholstered with genuine leather. You can adjust their height and back tilt by simply pushing the relevant button. Besides, the seats are equipped with built-in heating and cooling that provide a comfortable ride in any weather conditions. Another peculiarity is the anatomic memory function of the driver’s seat. The drop-top is produced from impregnated fabric that helps to protect the inside of the car from rain. In fine weather, you can enjoy an exciting open-air ride. The roof may be folded even at a 50 km/h speed. This operation takes only 15 seconds and requires a single keystroke. The dashboard and the control panel of BMW I8 Roadster 2019 are designed to provide maximum convenience. All the controls are at the driver’s hand, the buttons and the switchers are organized for intuitive use that is especially important for those who drive this automobile for the first time. You will fancy the multi-colored lighting that can be changed up to your taste at night. The steering wheel includes multimedia controls and access to the key functions of the vehicle. Design and functions The sophisticated vehicle combines style, elegance, and innovative technologies. Its 20’ wheels are completed with alloy rims that weigh notably less than those of coupe. This peculiarity allows I8 to develop the speed up to 250 km/h. The new Roadster is fitted with various electronic assistants that help the driver all along the way and significantly improve driving experience. The implemented technologies provide: Suspension adjustment Cruise control The ability to identify moving and stable objects at high speed Blind zones detection Rear park assistance. It will take you a few minutes to rent BMW I8 Roadster 2019 in . Car reservation is now available via our mobile application. The ordered automobile will be delivered to any location at any required time. We offer additional services of private drivers and bodyguards on request. Car rental in is your gateway to freedom and opulence. This is a great chance to test the world’s most impressive cars and to experience their power. You will find over 100 exclusive vehicles on . website. We offer a wide variety of luxury autos that will suit any taste. In other words, Mercedes produced a business-class auto with distinct sport features. It is an ideal multi-purpose car: whether you are on a business trip or on a vacation, this vehicle will provide outstanding performance and comfort. Rental car in makes it happen: experience the atmosphere of luxury and enjoy the ride. Our car fleet includes many big-league models of this quality brand: 4х4, GT Roadster and G63 2018, S Cabriolet, C63 convertible, S550 Sedan, S63 Coupe, GLC AMG 2019, and also the glorious GLC63 2020. The public attention guaranteed if you are behind the steering wheel of impressive Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s not surprising considering that only extremely rich people can afford such a precious car. Rolls Royce is a world-famous English car manufacturer that produces exclusive cars for special clients. Therefore, you will be accepted with respect wherever you are. Taking Rolls Royce for rent is a chance to join the “club” and feel the difference. Performance The car looks grandly from each point, however, it is easily managed. Moreover, despite its size, the vehicle can be controlled like any smaller car which is undoubtedly an advantage. Adjustable suspension contributes to a joyful ride absorbing shocks caused by road imperfections. Rolls Royce rental price is affordable enough to let yourself experience this royal auto in action. Interior Impressive interior design will undoubtedly influence your piloting manner. The salon resembles a spacious lounge with its details carefully engineered for relaxed driving: Premium quality finishes; Hand made features; High tech elements; Powerful stereo; Exclusive “Starlight” ceiling. Rolls Royce car rental is a good option for business trips or holidays. There is no other way to produce impression and to show your status. In addition, Ghost guarantees an incomparable experience and brightest emotions. Rolls Royce is a truly royal car that has a world-wide reputation. Everything about this super car is outstanding. You cannot think of anything more elegant and spectacular than this sophisticated model. Rolls Royce rental car is one of the most frequent demands for special occasions. Modern variation of classic shape and a massive radiator grill with the Spirit of Ecstasy on top looks hypnotic. No matter where you go, with this auto special attention guaranteed. Interior It is simply luxury. The best description is that being inside this car makes you feel a millionaire. A combination of technology and aesthetics provide exceptional comfort. An ideal option is to rent Rolls Royce for wedding to make this day unforgettable. Here is what you are going to see inside the gorgeous Wraith: Leather and wood finishes; Adjustable seats; Exclusive starlight ceiling; Multi-zone climate control; Advanced sound system; Multi-functional display. Together with Rolls Royce Ghost rental, Wraith is among the most frequently requested cars. The car shows exceptional performance due to implied technologies. The powerful engine, unnoticeable transmission and excellent suspension guarantee a highly enjoyable driving experience. Let everybody see your status choosing this outstanding auto. A new 2020 BMW sedan from a line of “threes” has preserved sport style and, in doing so, the major attributes of a classical BMW. 65 kg (143.3 lb) lighter automobile (in comparison with its predecessors M4 2018 and M4 Competition sport 2019) has acquired four-wheel drive (AWD) and a special body kit enhancing ground effects. The vehicle lighting has been achieved due to using a great number of carbon components, among them: hood wings automatic gearbox some interior elements. Carbon fiber composite let make the product lighter without losing the main characteristics and indicators of durability. In the last model of M-series the developers have made much work on aerodynamics, suspension and car body that has become more rigid. Engineers have redeployed ground effects, resulting in the improved technical and dynamic car properties. Wish to become a pioneer and have a drive along the shore on a brand-new sport premium-class vehicle? We recommend to take advantage of our unique offer – car rental service, including such rare and expensive models like I8 Roadster 2019 and X6 of this year’s edition. When people think of a luxury SUV, the first thought that comes to mind is a Cadillac Escalade Platinum and Rentals offers it for rent in . This vehicle is fitted with the latest and most advanced technologies for a safe and luxurious drive with or without a chauffeur. The spacious cabin allows you to fit up to 8 people and a combination of top-notch leather and suede fully complete its luxurious look. The massive and aggressive look of Cadillac Escalade doesn’t limit its ability to cruise through the traffic. This vehicle is a perfect option for any occasion. This off-roader is first in line with other full-sized autos. It is ideal for a comfortable ride across Florida: at the end of the day you are not going to feel tired after the long road. The car was first introduced in 2002 and shortly gained wide popularity. The restyled variant of 2019 advanced to the luxury segment due to the renewed appearance. Still, Mercedes has preserved the individual features that make the model so special and respectable. Here is the list of the most significant changes: Enlarged sportive body Renewed radiator grill Wheel arches widened to suit 22’ rims Revised bumper and exhaust pipes New optics. Interior Although, the earlier versions of this off-the-road vehicle looked amazing, they were not quite convenient for far-away trips. Those models were more about a spectacular effect. Mercedes Benz G63 2019 Matte rental in will prove its being absolutely different from what you may expect. Concierge Service makes it real for you offering beneficial deals. Auto manufacturers paid special attention to comfort and succeeded to make it one of the greatest family vehicles for long journeys. The salon has become notably spacious. Any passenger can cose here thanks to the higher ceiling and the expanded foot-room at the back of the car. G63 is now equipped with ergonomic sportive leather-upholstered seats with the memory function. Heating and built-in massage help to maintain neck and back during the trip. You will definitely point out the following features of the interior: Sportive design of the cockpit and the steering wheel A Swiss clock integrated into the dashboard Renewed sound system Contour lighting. Reliable, efficient and safe Concierge Service offers comfortable and safe car rentals. You can perform Mercedes Benz G63 2019 Matte rental in via our website. This auto easily overcomes curves of all complexities at any speed, it possesses improved side airbags that can dispose automatically in accordance with the corner and the power of the impulse. The model shows impressive performance on any kind of road including gravel and hard areas with minimal flotation ability. For better driving experience the developers provide: Four-wheel drive and adjustable spring suspension Amortization with regulable rigidness Several driving modes for various types of roads. It is essential to pick a perfect vehicle for traveling to new cities or for roaming regular touristic itineraries. For an unforgettable trip choose car rental in . Our fleet includes gorgeous Mercedes models: Mercedes S63 Coupe Edition; Mercedes S Class 63 2020; Mercedes Benz G550 4×4 2018; Mercedes GT Roadster 2019; Mercedes S Convertible; Mercedes GT Roadster; Mercedes С 63 2019; Mercedes S 550 Sedan; Mercedes Benz C63S AMG; Mercedes Benz GLS63 2020; Mercedes Benz GLS AMG 2019; This model was created for dynamic rides and freedom. Piloting it you are guaranteed to attract thousands of admiring glances. Thanks to mode switching, this Italian supercar will be suitable either for street racing or everyday life – for romantic meetings, business appointments and long journeys. Interior You can rent Lamborghini Huracan LP610 Spyder Orange in or any other place in the world with the help of Concierge Service. This supercar is famous for its unique style, elegance and modernity. When creating it designers paid great attention to all aerodynamic and technical characteristics. As a result one can observe a futuristic and innovative model. Only high-quality and eco-friendly materials were used for interior decoration. All the details made of leather, plastic, chrome inserts are carefully calibrated, adjusted to each other manually. The interior strikes with its comfort and thoroughly thought out construction. Sport style elements give any ride a special piquancy. Soft fabric roof can be folded within 17 seconds. Once you complete this operation, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the view of clear blue sky, warm wind and boundless speed. Optionally one can unfold the roof in several seconds back to its usual state. The seats are made of soft leather and equipped with electric drive. In a few taps each one can be adjusted in a way that will be the most suitable for a driver and a passenger. Heating or air conditioning systems can be also turned on quickly without any unnecessary effort. The seats supplied with anatomical memory remember easily the shape of a body, have side thickening for comfort even in extreme driving conditions. The multi-wheel is slightly truncated at the bottom which is one more distinctive feature of a sports car. It allows to control the automobile at sharp turns easily. Multimedia center and a variety of other useful functions are located on the steering wheel. The dashboard combines sensors with characteristics and a multimedia display whose data may be duplicated on the windshield. Everything in this supercar is designed to bring to a driver full sense of freedom, paying no attention to trifles. Outstanding features This Italian vehicle was created with the latest innovations. Operating it can be compared to piloting a small plane. Safety is also on the top. In addition to the mandatory Airbag it is fitted with systems of lateral, back, forward control and course stability. The car has got a lot of superior features like: unique design in which the roof line is continuous and the sharp outlines resemble a six pointed carbon atom 20 inch wide alloy wheels bright color of sunny orange improving one’s mood even on a cloudy day. It isn’t required to purchase such a luxurious automobile – today one has a chance to rent Lamborghini Huracan LP610 Spyder (Orange) in . This service is available anytime: you should just leave a request on the website and you will be called back. Car rental in is a marvelous way to organize a romantic trip or wedding procession, to arrange a photo shoot or realize your dream. The choice is not limited to the only Lamborghini model. If you want to make a point of your status and character – the best choice for you is Mercedes rental in . This brand is the embodiment of quality and prestige. The GLC63S model is another remarkable creation of Mercedes-Benz. Performance The car offers even more than you anticipate. Impressive acceleration is among its main peculiarities. Additionally, it provides high stability on the road and significantly eliminates the shocks caused by surface imperfections. Renting a Mercedes in Florida you get a guaranteed positive driving experience. The new model owes its high capability to: High-power motor; Seamless transmission; Smooth suspension; A pack of driver-supporting systems. Interior The salon looks and feels very expensive due to high-class materials and modern sporty design. Supportive seats really make difference during long trips and fast rides: they hold you and the passengers tight still tender and support natural body position. All the controls are easy to access for your convenience. Choosing Mercedes of rental cars you get a one hundred percent guaranteed positive driving experience. Let this respectful auto reflect your status and vision. We wish you a memorable ride in this new sophisticated car. A new coupe-convertible has occupied the niche of “budget-friendly” representatives of the brand instead of its predecessor California T, which in spite of successful sales was considered by the company’s engineers to be not a good model. Now the design bureau from Maranello has released a dynamic aggressive supercar with a rigid and light folding roof and excellent performance. To feel the rapture from piloting it we recommend you to rent Ferrari Portofino Spyder in . Interior and exterior The model in Fastback body possesses a rigid roof from Webasto which being folded, transforms the automobile into a graceful convertible in the spirit of an Italian resort Portofino and when it is unfolded – into a stylish blusterous perfect white coupe. Literally everything hints at its frisky character: powerful car arches, sophisticated aerodynamic sidewall profile, narrowed headlight boomerangs, the scornful ”grin” of the radiator grille, streamlined hood and windshield… The interior is designed for 4 passengers, moreover, those who sit in the back seats may observe more comfort in comparison with California T due to lessen backs thickness of the front seats. That means that you can rent Ferrari Portofino Spyder in without any doubts for a small company. The dashboard with the central console, made in the famous corporate style, and a sport steering wheel with cropped hem equipped with the super-sensitive electric power steering not for a second will let you forget that you are sitting inside a modern rapid supercar. Technical features One can admire this beautiful masterpiece endlessly, but the appearance is not the major point in such cars. The most important is hidden under the hood: 3.9 twin-turbo comes from California T but in reworked and improved version: there are other pistons, connecting rods, injection and inlet system are replaced. Because of this engineering shamanism it became possible to achieve the reduction the acceleration time up to 100 km / h (60 mph) by 0.1 s, shorten fuel consumption, squeeze in 40 HP more and totally get rid of turbo lag 7-speed robotic transmission has control buttons located on the tunnel the steering wheel is acutely responsive to any manipulation, as all other Ferrari models: 488 Spyder, California T, 458 F1 Capristo Exhaust the chassis is made of light alloys and aluminum, and a strut consists only of two elements. With all the rigidity of the suspension, one cannot notice it thanks to magnetic shock absorbers that support outstanding comfort during a ride. Portofino Spyder, a true Ferrari with hot Italian temper owns a cozy interior made of first class materials: Nappa leather and natural Alcantara suede, carbon. The dashboard has a built-in touchscreen 10,2”, and air conditioning silently and effectively cools the interior. The convertible is a great fit as an everyday automobile: whether to have a ride along the shore, to go on a business or a romantic meeting. Wherever you go, in this car you are guaranteed to be in the center of attention. We render the car rental in service and can provide you with this and dozens of other luxurious supercars in the office or to organize a transfer from the airport. If you have a desire to experience unforgettable impressions, we are happy to give you this opportunity! Rolls Royce is a truly royal car that has a world-wide reputation. Everything about this super car is outstanding. You cannot think of anything more elegant and spectacular than this sophisticated model. Rolls Royce rental car is one of the most frequent demands for special occasions. Modern variation of classic shape and a massive radiator grill with the Spirit of Ecstasy on top looks hypnotic. No matter where you go, with this auto special attention guaranteed. Interior It is simply luxury. The best description is that being inside this car makes you feel a millionaire. A combination of technology and aesthetics provide exceptional comfort. An ideal option is to rent Rolls Royce for wedding to make this day unforgettable. Here is what you are going to see inside the gorgeous Wraith: Leather and wood finishes; Adjustable seats; Exclusive starlight ceiling; Multi-zone climate control; Advanced sound system; Multi-functional display. Together with Rolls Royce Ghost rental, Wraith is among the most frequently requested cars. The car shows exceptional performance due to implied technologies. The powerful engine, unnoticeable transmission and excellent suspension guarantee a highly enjoyable driving experience. Let everybody see your status choosing this outstanding auto. This automobile combines the classical traditions of BMW and modern design. Stylish, powerful, purposeful. All its appearance demonstrates there’s no turning back, there is only a way forward. To victory, to freedom. And at high speed. Interior The interior is made of natural high quality materials. Finely crafted soft leather, durable black plastic and thin metal insert attract attention. One gets the feeling that they sit down not in the salon of a car, but in a cabin of a cruise liner – so thoroughly every detail there is thought-out. The Roadster seats are designed in sport style and supplemented with retaining cushions on the sides, a comfortable headrest and anatomical memory. Moreover, the seats can be adjusted by the electronic control. This allows to lift, to lower or to move them by lightly pressing buttons. Due to a function of the climate control everyone is able to create their “personal weather” near the selected seat. Fabric top of the automobile is equipped with electric drive. You shouldn’t stop in order to fold or unfold it – these operations can be completed at speed up to 50 km / h (30 mph). A slight movement of a hand and in 15 seconds above your head stretches a bright blue sky and wind plays in hair. On the steering wheel the control center of multimedia system is placed. The dashboard possesses a built-in touch screen display. It contains a number of useful options and can be easily connected with your smartphone. An onboard computer shows accurate information about a ride on the dashboard. At desire one can also duplicate the data on the windshield. All the technologies installed in the supercar are designed to avoid unnecessary distraction of a driver while driving and make the overall process pleasant and joyful. Special features Every customer is given an opportunity to rent BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold in on the official website of Concierge Service. This multipurpose supercar will be a suitable solution for having rides along the Pacific coast, lively parties with friends of business meetings. BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold is the model which will attract the attention of all surrounding people. It has a unique design standing out from all the diversity of other autos. Design features: 20 inch wide alloy wheels the characteristic framing of the radiator grille, in the form of nostrils futuristic streamlined lines exclusive color of noble metal. Besides, this model is the most eco-friendly among all others available on the market. It comes in motion not only by liquid fuel, but also by electrical battery. One charge is enough for more than 100 km. Also BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold contains lots of electronic assistants that are able to identify obstacles, road signs at high speed, can maneuver in large flow and independently adjust to the roadway. Car rental in provides a chance to meet every following day in a new luxury automobile. We will help to find the most appropriate variant according to personal wishes and preferences. You will be able to underline your individuality and nice taste in any casual or solemn situation by using our exotic supercars. You can hire BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold in or any other place in the world. Nevertheless, the choice is not limited to the only BMW model and includes many others like: I8 Roadster 2019 M4 Competition Sport 2019 >M3 2020 I8 Roadster 2019 White M3 2020 M4 2018 X6 2019